Make money, become a local reseller for VoipSmash

By becoming a local reseller you can set up your own business by selling VoIP credit to our customers and to customers of your own. As a local reseller you can sell credit to users of all Dellmont products.

More info on the reselling of credit

1. Create your local reseller account

(for password retrieval)

2. Listed or not

Yes No

Reseller List Texts

The Reseller list is a list with resellers that customers see when they choose the 'local reseller' option for buying credit. Here you can change your short description and detailed description.

Short Description

The short description is shown in the list of resellers next to the resellers' username. It is a short text of 30 characters for a short selling message; Why customers should choose you als their local reseller.

Detailed Description

The detailed description is shown when a customer clicks on the details link in the list of resellers. In this longer text of 5000 characters you can write about your offers and how customers can contact you.

3. Confirmation